Booking Fellow went live

Jozsef Torsan
2 min readApr 17, 2019

Our new project, Booking Fellow went live and the Beta program started:

We are looking for Beta participants, if you know someone who would be interested in using such a service and would signup for the Beta then please share it with them. We would really appreciate your help, thank you!

What is Booking Fellow?

Booking Fellow is an online appointment booking service for small and micro businesses like hair and beauty salons, barber shops, lawyers, consultants, car repair shops, tire shops, doctors, dentists, health and fitness clubs (squash/tennis court booking) etc. It makes possible for the clients of the businesses to book appointments for the services online 24/7 even during off-hours.

Booking appointments online saves a lot of time for the service providers. Staff members won’t be interrupted by the constant phone calls, they won’t have to hassle with writing the appointments in a diary, they can be more productive by being able to focus more on the work.

Why did we develop Booking Fellow?

I met several business owners who complained about not being able to find a decent online appointment booking service that would meet their needs. They said they found quite a few such services but those ones are pretty complicated to use, offer more features than they actually need but lack important features like defining recurring availabilities of the service providers (staff members).

So we decided to design and develop an online appointment booking service based on these feedback. We started the development in May 2018 and released a public Beta in April 2019. The focus during the design and development has been on simplicity by having a user-friendly UI and user experience and also on including the really important features.



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