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Jozsef Torsan
2 min readSep 14, 2017

I’ve found a great tool ( recently that emulates the Google search location. You have to enter the country where you search from, the language and you can even specify the device. Then you enter the words you are searching for and click on Search. You will get exactly the same search results if you were in the specified country.

What is it good for?

If you work on SEO and want people to find your website not just in your country, but in other countries as well, then you can check the Google search result position in the different countries. Since I started to deal with the SEO of Bookmark Ninja I’ve been using this tool regularly. And it’s good for not just checking the organic search results but you can also check how your AdWords ads show up in a search.


It seems that the site uses Google’s service that emulates the search location, which is actually the same tool you can find in Google AdWords. But it has 3 advantages over the tool you have in Google AdWords:

  • You don’t need to setup Google AdWords.
  • You don’t need to be logged into your Google account.
  • In Google AdWords the tool shows only the first page of the search results, with you can check the 2nd, 3rd etc. pages, too.

Even the browser matters

I already knew that I get different Google search results from the different countries (searching for the same words, phrases). Somehow it’s also obvious that I get different results in Chrome when I’m logged in with my Google account and when I’m not logged in. When you are logged in, Google has more information about you that is used to provide more accurate search results. However it was completely new to me that you get different search results in the different browsers! Yes, even the browser matters. If you run the same search, in the same country in Chrome, IE and Firefox, you will get different search results. It’s something that’s good to know when you work on the SEO of your website.



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